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She was born in Madrid. In 1949 she moved to Collado Villalba, Madrid, where she has lived since then. In 1960 and for a period of seven years she studied at José Gutiérrez Valle's atelier of the Sevillian School. She is, so that, an atelier painter. Later on she continued her painting studies at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid where she attended several courses of modern art. In the 80's she visited and studied art in Paris, London, Rome and Venice, going deeply into the techniques already learnt in Madrid. After several exhibitions of lesser importance, in 1987 her works were exhibited at the Sammer Gallery in London and subsequently in Madrid, El Escorial, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Zaragoza, etc. She was also present at national and international Art Fairs in Washington, Chicago, Santander (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Miami, etc.

Tras la caracola.

In 1987 she was awarded the First Prize for Foreign Painting (ex aequo) at the XXIX International Contest "Grolla d'Oro de Treviso", Venice and in 1989 she obtained the First Prize at the VI Contest of the Gallery Durán Painting Prize. Some of her works are exhibited at the following museums: Musée Quentovic (Le Touquet, France), National Museum of Fine Arts (La Valletta, Malta), Cathedral Museum (Medina, Malta), Museo Bayo (Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz - Spain), Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Madrid, Spain) y Museo de Dibujo "Castillo de Larrés" (Huesca, Spain).

Manos y manzanas.


Art critics such as Santiago Amón, Francisco Prados de la Plaza, Francoise Tempra, José Pérez Guerra, Carlos García Osuna, Santos Torroella, Javier Rubio, Mario Antolín, M. L. Camboy, Tomás Paredes, Antonio Morales, Julia Sáenz-Angulo, Rafael Perelló-Paradelo, Agustín Romo, J. Marcaro Pasarius, Héctor López, Ángel Azpeitia, Antonio Lisboa y David Amor, among others have written about her works. This Madrilenian painter is considered by critics one of the best realistic painters at present, being the human body one of her favourite themes especially woman's nude wrapped in paper and cloth which gives her work some magic and mistery.

Mar de lirios.


1985 .- Galería Floridablanca . San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Madrid (Spain).

1987 .- Sammer Gallery. London (England).

1988 .- Galería Mellado. San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Madrid (Spain).

1990 .- Galería Durán. Madrid. (Spain).

1991 .- Galería Royal Art. Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

1991 .- Galería Caja Jalón. Zaragoza (Spain).

1992 .- Galería Mellado. San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Madrid (Spain)

1993 .- Galería Jaime III. Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

1996 .- Sala Imagen. Sevilla (Spain). Restrospective 1985-1996.

1996 .- Casa de Cultura de Collado Villalba. Madrid (Spain).

1996 .- Galería de Arte Granero. Brussels (Belgium).

1997 .- Galería Vieleers. Amsterdam (Holland).

1997 .- Galería D'Art Foz. Sitges. Barcelona (Spain).

1997 .- Albert Gallery. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid (Spain). 1999 .- Galería Vieleers. Amsterdam (Holland).

1999 .- Galería Círculo XII. Sta. Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).

1999 .- Galería D'Art Foz. Sitges. Barcelona (Spain).

2000 .- Albert Gallery. Madrid (Spain).

2002 .- Casa de Cultura de Torrelodones. Madrid (Spain).

2003 .- Casa de Cultura de Collado Villalba. Madrid (Spain).

2005 .- Galeria de Arte MAR. Barcelona (Spain).

2006 .- Galería de Arte Van Gogh. Granada (Spain).

2006 .- Galería d`Art Terra Ferma . Lleida (Spain).
2007.-  Galería de Arte Mar. Barcelona (Spain).

2007.-  Galería Salduba. Zaragoza

2008.-  Galería de Arte Van Gogh. Granada

2008.-  Galería Xerión. A Coruña

2008.-  Galería María Soto. Torre del Mar. Malaga

2010.-  Galería Sharon. León

2010.-  Galería Urdangarín. Vitoria

2011.-  Museo Municipal El Pósito. XXXIII Semana Cervantina. Campo de Criptana (Spain)

2012.- La Realidad al Desnudo. Casa de Galicia. Madrid (Spain)

2013.- La Livreria. Madrid (Spain)

2014.- La Ingravidez de la Carne. Sala de exposiciones El Porton. Alhaurin de la Torre. Malaga (Spain)

2014.- Una apuesta por la belleza. Sala Principal de Correos. Madrid (Spain)


1987 .- First Prize for Foreign Painting (ex-aequo) at the XXIX International Contest"Grolla d'Oro de Treviso". Venice (Italy).

1989 .- First Prize at the VI Durán Painting Contest. Madrid (Spain).

1996 .- Prize Germinal for Fine Arts, Sierra de Madrid. Madrid (Spain).


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National Museum of Fine Arts. La Valette (Malta).

Cathedral Museum. Medina (Malta).

Museo Bayo. Puerto de Santa María. Cádiz (Spain).

Museo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. Madrid (Spain).

Museo de Dibujo "Castillo de Larrés". Huesca (Spain).

João Mario Alenquer. Lisboa (Portugal).



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